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Susan Sexton, Peak Performance in Business, Career, Life
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  • All training workshops are custom designed for your industry and the performance needs of your employees.
  • Topics can be mixed for maximum benefit.
  • Workshops are offered in a variety of formats including one-hour modules, half-day sessions, full-day sessions and combined workshops presented over several days.
  • The maximum number of participants for workshops is 20.
  • The maximum number of participants in Powerful Presentations is 10.


Testimonials from Workshop Clients:

"Your Strategic Planning workshop keeps our Executive team focused, organized and continually moving ahead toward our goals. We could not do this without you! Thank you so much."

"Just wanted to share that I am already putting your session on "Powerful Presentations" to work. Your session has proven invaluable."

"Our group absolutely loved the training. They told me afterwards that you kept them engaged and interested all the time and they learned a lot and felt motivated. I too learned a lot again. So thank you for conducting an 'eye opener' training session for us."

"You are a very energetic and inspiring person, and after your workshop I feel confident that I will be able to meet challenges of 2009"

"I thank you for making the workshop so enjoyable! Your suggestions are right on the mark!"

"Time Management made easy - who knew? You did."

"Thanks for a great day from a student's perspective. I already feel more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of scary people"


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