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FACE IT- You Can Only Afford

When Customers are Happy, They Tell 3 people
When Customers are UNHAPPY, They Tell 9 people

In the eyes of each customer your employees are the business. Do your employees understand that in today’s economy, business has become so competitive that each customer must be treated like GOLD?

  • Is each customer made to feel important?
  • Do your employees make eye contact with each customer? Studies prove that eye connection is the number one skill to develop trust and believability.
  • Do customers wait in long lines while employees stock the shelves?
  • Do your employees know how to successfully interact with difficult customers to turn them into satisfied customers with repeat business?
  • Does each member of your team realize that they are indeed on a team and the efficiency of the business depends on each member working together?
  • Are your managers on board with the importance of recognizing and appreciating each member of their staff? Or does your staff resist the changes that every business faces?

We have spent years developing and perfecting workshops that focus on these issues; motivating, interactive, fun workshops that have improved customer satisfaction in businesses both large and small.

First, we speak with managers and staff to understand more thoroughly each performance-related issue and incorporate those into the workshops. We provide follow-up workshops and Tip/Review Sheets between training dates as change is a process and requires reinforcement. We have developed successful Incentive Programs for management to support the new skills of their staffs. Participants are provided many learning tools in the workshops including workbooks, PowerPoint presentations and interactive activities and sharing opportunities for growth. We appreciate that people learn at different speeds and in different ways. Our special attention holding tactics assure that no one gets left behind.
Workshops are offered in either a half-day or full-day format.

Excel at Customer Satisfaction
Understand your customers’ needs. Discover how your customers see you. Enhance your professional behavior with excellent communication skills. Increase your team building skills. Learn how to keep your cool in difficult situations. Develop techniques to improve your listening ability. Implement a 5 point program to make all your customers feel important.
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