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Real Estate Companies


  • Do you have a Strategic Plan for your company’s Success?
  • Do you know where your company is headed? Where will you be in the next year? In the next 5 years?
  • Are you ready to expand into new territories?
  • Is your marketing department prepared to support your growth and expansion?
  • Does your IT department offer the latest in technology and support to your brokers?
  • Are your new brokers well trained?
  • Are your executive sales directors equipped to lead with ease?

Real Estate is booming! Mega companies are being formed, new territories are being forged. Brokers are in strict competition for properties and clients. Technology is changing rapidly. Is your company ready? Do you have a Strategic Plan that maps the route to making your vision a reality? Do you have a vision for the company? Do you know how you will get there, how you will pay for it and who in the company is responsible? Are all your sales directors on the same page, participating fully in your plan?

Our Strategic Planning program focuses on the needs of the real estate industry. We have the experience of guiding top New York realty companies to continued success. We will work with you and your top executives to develop a focused Strategic Planning workshop designed to take your company to the next levels of success.

Strategic Planning Includes:

  • Pre-Planning Meetings and interviews to determine status of company.
  • Facilitation at off-site location for one, two or three-day program.
  • All materials for participants.
  • PowerPoint Presentation on all topics covered during the Strategic Planning Meeting.
  • Consultation with Management Team to focus on specific needs and issues.
  • Pre-meeting questionnaires sent to all participants.
  • All Training Materials including binder to contain final product.
  • Unlimited email access to facilitator for Management Team with no expiration date.
  • Post-Planning Meetings to ensure team is on course.

Executive Coaching


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