Susan Sexton Enterprises, Inc. Peak Performance in Business, Career, Life

Susan Sexton, Peak Performance in Business, Career, Life

Susan Sexton Enterprises, Inc. Peak Performance in Business, Career, Life

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Meet Susan Sexton

Susan Sexton SUSAN SEXTON has been guiding business professionals to success for over 23 years. She and her team of consultants know that each client is special and each industry has specific needs and concerns. Every training workshop is individually customized for success.

Susan and her team use their consultative experience and unique platform skills to ensure concrete results for every client. Our workshops are very motivational, interactive and fun. Our workshops get results!

Each workshop delivers clear, concise skills and techniques that can be readily implemented for immediate tangible success. We confer with every client to determine the most effective focus for each performance-related topic. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, hospitals, and universities.

We utilize a positive solution-driven style in coaching you. Our fine-tuned, deep listening skills enable us to use a quick interview process to access your current level of effectiveness and propose viable actions to enhance current strengths and clarify and address current challenges. Because we work from the premise that you are unique and your environment has specific expectations and needs, our clients respond very positively to our empathetic solution-driven approach to the coaching process. If you are highly motivated to succeed, we have the tools you need.

Susan was a Wall Street Executive for 11 years and brings direct corporate knowledge and experience to every training level. Susan donates her time to the Women's Prison Project in New York City each year. She was selected to speak at the Real Estate Board of New York's Convention in 2001, has been published in "The Independent" and has been a guest on several New York radio shows.

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