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Are You Driving Your Business?
Is Your Business Driving You?

  • Do you have a Strategic Plan for your company’s success?
  • Do you know where your company is headed?
  • Where will you be in the next year? In the next 5 years?
  • Are you ready to expand into new territories?
  • Is your marketing department prepared to support your growth and expansion?
  • Does your IT department offer the latest in technology?
  • Is every employee well trained?
  • Are your executive sales directors equipped to lead with ease?

Businesses start and fail in the U.S. at a staggering rate! 40% of all new businesses fail in the first year AND 80% fail in the first 5 years!

We offer business training and coaching which is 100% focused on your specific industry.

Do you have a Strategic Plan that maps the route to making your vision a reality? Do you have a vision for the company? Do you know how you will get there, how you will pay for it and who in the company is responsible? Are all your sales directors on the same page, participating fully in your plan?

Our Strategic Planning program focuses on the needs of your specific industry. We will work with you and your top executives to develop a focused Strategic Planning workshop designed to take your company to the next levels of success.

Strategic Planning Includes:

  • Pre-Planning Meetings and interviews to determine status of the company.
  • Facilitation at off-site location for one, two or three day program.
  • All materials for participants.
  • PowerPoint Presentation on all topics covered during the Strategic Planning Meeting.
  • Consultation with Management Team to focus on specific needs and issues.
  • Pre-meeting questionnaires sent to all participants.
  • All Training Materials including binder to contain final product.
  • Unlimited email access to facilitator for Management Team with no expiration date.
  • Post-Planning Meetings to ensure team is on course.

Powerful Presentations
This is the number one skill for business success today. This workshop provides powerful tools you need to present with confidence. You will have the tools to understand your listeners, believe in your own abilities, and be a truly effective and dynamic speaker. Eliminate filler words, use visual aids to enhance your presentation, ease your tension, use your whole body to enhance your credibility and help you think on your feet. Learn to write and deliver powerful presentations that will enhance your career, your business and your life.
Workshop is offered in one or two-day format and includes video taping and individual coaching for every participant. Enrollment is limited to 10.
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Goals for Real Results
This vital workshop provides the skills needed to write and develop collaborative goals that truly get results for the whole department and the entire company. Imagine everyone, using all their talents, experience and skills for the same goals; goals that are clear, defined, realistic and reflective of the mission of the organization. Your goals and action plan will be a blue print for success inspiring your team, eliminating unproductive “silos” within the organization, using all your resources effectively for maximum productivity.
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Time – Your Vehicle to Success
This unique method of time management uses your own productivity foundation to facilitate you to success both professionally and personally. Establish goals, prioritize your time based on your goals and you will use your time so effectively that you can have an extra hours every week. Eliminate procrastination, handle interruptions proactively, plan efficiently and effectively. You will learn skills and techniques to organize, plan and overcome all personal obstacles to managing your time and life for success.
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Organize for Peak Performance
The Wall Street Journal reports that the average business person spends 6 weeks a year searching for lost files, papers, phone numbers, etc.! The challenges of the new business environment demand that you use your time more effectively, multi-task successfully and utilize all your skills, knowledge and experience more productively. Learn success-oriented techniques for maximum organizational success that are totally compatible with your own unique style.
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Team that Win
Trust is the lifeblood of every team. This empowering workshop focuses on identifying and utilizing the individual strengths, successes and contributions of each member to build winning teams; teams that understand and respect the contribution of each member. Teams that are united by a common mission and goals that get real results. Teams that support and respect each member with the necessary tools to resolve conflicts and develop successfully.
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Lead with Ease
Link your personal values with team values. Identify and establish a mission statement for your department and team. Juggle with ease - the three roles of management: Leader, Manager, and Facilitator. Understand the personalities of your team. Communicate for Win/Win results. Motivate your team. Resolve conflicts successfully. Learn skills to build interdepartmental teams. Leave this workshop with a personalized tool box of leadership skills. Enhance your own career by developing your emotional intelligence.
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Managing Stress for Success
You can control how stress affects you. You can use stress to increase focus and become more productive without allowing stress to rob you of energy or make you ill. Stress-related illness accounts for the majority of absences in this country. Stress is neither good nor bad – it just is and EVERYONE alive has it in some degree but very few know how to make it work for them. This workshop will help you to reduce outside stressors and learn vital tools to keep you in charge.
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It is possible to be successful and have balance in your life. The requirement for balance is planning and setting realistic goals for each area of your life and understanding that each supports the other. You will learn to build the foundation for a balanced life. Learn to incorporate your personal and professional goals for more fulfillment in your life and success in your profession. Work smarter instead of harder and eliminate the obstacles to your own personal and professional growth.
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Communicate for Success
Say what you mean and mean what you say! Prepare and organize all your messages so you are clear, concise, focused and easily understood by everyone. This workshop focuses on your individual style and uniqueness. Use your body, your movement, your voice to communicate with confidence and believability. Build solid business and personal relationships by learning to actively listen to others.
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